The Complete Guide To Building a Resilient Organisation

Why is it that some organisations thrive during challenging times, whilst others fail? Download our guide to discover how you can transform your organisation’s ability to grow and prosper.  

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What is organisational resilience?

Put simply, organisational resilience is the ability for an organisation to be capable of anticipating, preparing for, responding to and adapting in the face of unexpected events quickly, calmly and rationally, without the need to resort to regressive actions. 

Organisations such as Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Facebook have become leaders in their fields because they embrace organisational resilience.

Crucially, the skills to achieve this can be taught.

The benefits of organisational resilience are compelling…

  • Continually improving business performance and results
  • Enhanced ability to anticipate and respond to competitors, opportunities and threats
  • Empowered, agile employees that take responsibility for and manage their actions
  • A strong culture with embedded competence and capability across the organisation

Developing a resilient organisation

Organisational resilience isn’t a destination; it’s a way of being.  The Complete Guide to Building a Resilient Organisation sets out the challenges, the essential elements, the characteristics and the practical steps that you must take to transform your organisation’s resiliency.

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